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Boogie Blue Water Filters

Inline Hose-Mount Water Filters

Garden - Livestock & Pets - Pools & Spas - Compost Teas - All Water System Installations

  • Reduce chlorine and chloramine compounds - save your soil biology!
  • Lower heavy-metals, pesticides, chemical contaminants & volative compounds!
  • Super handy filters for your yard and property - thread onto any 3/4" hose!
  • Excellent longevity across entire model range - multiple seasons of typical usage!

The Boogie Blue Basic is a great value .

Features excellent build-quality with a 100% Activated Carbon block filter membrane (no KDF material).

The Basic is designed to perform capably with an approximate 10,000 gallon lifespan. While the lack of a KDF membrane does somewhat limit the Basic chloramine reduction capacities, it will still help to keep your soil biology intact!

The Activated-Carbon block possesses good all-around chemical reduction properties and functions as a first-line defense against free chlorine and heavy metals.

The Boogie Blue Classic is a high quality carbon & KDF-content filter


KDF helps to reduce gaseous-bound chlorine / chloramine and also possesses bacteriostatic qualities.

Boogie Blue Classic also functions as a handy all-around home and garden filter with very little maintenance required (we still do recommend occasional back-flushing).

Compact profile helps the Boogie Blue Classic fit in tighter water-spigot spaces (use a short section of hose to attach your filter to your garden hose if spigot-spacing is otherwise too tight).

The Boogie Blue PLUS+ is our most technically-sophisticated filter model yet!

With a dual catalytic-carbon & KDF membrane (KDF 55 & 85), the PLUS+ model is built with similar construction to our Classic Boogie Blue. However, it contains MORE carbon (almost 6 oz more) 

and MORE chlorine & chloramine-scrubbing KDF material (11oz of KDF).

Furthermore, the carbon membrane has been improved to include a superior grade of catalytic material, (Resin-Ion Exchange), which has shown great promise at arresting increased levels of heavy-metals.

Take your soil-saving filtration to the next level with the Boogie Blue PLUS+. Rated at an approximate lifespan of 45k gallons, the Boogie Blue PLUS+ is a Boogie Blue Classic on steroids! Providing the heavy-usage farmer with superb filtration capacity and an extended lifespan, the Boogie Blue PLUS+ offers incredible performance & the utmost-bang for your filtration-buck!

Save money with a combo pack!

More combos to come!

Combo A is a Boogie Basic, a Boogie Plus, a medium size air stone with hose, and 45 litre air pump.