Soybean Meal - 10 lb
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Soybean Meal - 10 lb

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Organic - GMO Free Soybean Meal

Soybean Meal: N-P-K 7-2-0 Derived from soybeans, soybean meal is prized for its high nitrogen content and as a source of phosphorus.

Soybean Meal is the product remaining after extracting most of the oil from whole soybeans. The oil may be removed by solvent extraction or by an expeller process in which the beans are heated and squeezed. The nutrient composition of the oil extracted soybean meal 48 is shown in the table below.

Soybean meal is high in protein and energy and is one of the most commonly used protein supplements in North America. It is palatable feed stuff and may be used as the major protein supplement in rations for dairy cattle.