Oyster Shell - 8 lb
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Oyster Shell - 8 lb

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Oyster Shell

High quality ag/lime soil conditioner

Purchase Kelzyme Element xx for an elite calcium product to replace oyster shell

 - provides immediate and long term release of nutrients that control pH levels. 

Natural, organic source of calcium is used to correct Ca deficiencies and raise pH in acidic soils. Contains 96% calcium carbonate plus a natural balance of 10 other nutrients and micronutrients. Variable particle size provides both immediate and long-term fertilization. 

  • Use at 4-5 lb/20 row feet for flowers and vegetables or 
  • 1 lb/tree, 2-10 lb/100 sq ft or 
  • 500-4,000 lb/acre, depending on soil analysis and crop.
  • Repeated applications may be needed to fully adjust pH and Ca levels.
  • In acidic soils, add 1-3 lb/hole when planting trees.

Also good for bocce ball courts! Oyster shell flower, Soil Enhancers, and Soil Conditioners will add Vitamins and Minerals back into your nutrient depleted soil.