KBS Organic MILD Soil
KBS Organic MILD Soil
Kootenay Biological Soils Ltd

KBS Organic MILD Soil

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KBS Organic MILD Soil

  • Mild - No Till  (we discontinued the hot mix. it can be custom made, email us.)

    The KBS Mild mix is a multi-use soil.

    The KBS soils can be used in garden pots of any size to grow whatever vegetables, herbs, that you want. You won't need to worry about nutrients for the entire season, just add  clean water!

    Gardeners can put the KBS Mild soil in raised beds, mixed in with the native soils, flower baskets, indoor house plants.

    The KBS Mild mix is excellent for clones - seeds cannabis plants of any size and at any stage, from baby clones to 3 gallons, vegging plants using 5-15+ gallon pots, flowering cannabis plants. should be in beds or 5 gallon or larger pots. you just add dechlorinated water.

  • For the smaller plant sizes/pot size use KBS Mild Mix. It will be great for 5 - 10 gallon. This KBS mix can be run in vegetative stages from seed to mother plants if you need You can use it for flowers and vegetables inside or out, and to flower cannabis also. Perfect for the small space grower. 
  • This formula will not require ph, PPM, EC testing, just water with chlorine/chloramine free water, do keep the soil moist, not wet. 
  • For Sativa dominant strains, email ryan@boogie-brew.ca

Organic Dry Ingredients: 

Organic peat moss blend, Fish Bone meal, Soy Bean Meal, Epson Salts, Rock Dusts = zeolite, Glacial, Basalt, Magma. Kelp Meal, Granular Humic Acid,  Worm Castings, Yeast, Biochar, Dolomite Lime, Insect Frass, Calcium Carbonate, Rice Hulls. Mycorrhizae, Perlite, 

For larger growers and volume orders, email ryan@boogie-brew for cultivator pricing on skids or totes.