KBS Magma UVP - 20 lbs
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KBS Magma UVP - 20 lbs

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Seed Starts – Mix 1/8 cup Andesite per gallon of seed start planting mix.

Transplants – Apply 1-2 teaspoons Andesite per 4 inches of pot width/diameter of plant to be transplanted directly to the base of hole prior to transplanting edibles, flowers, trees, shrubs or other plants.

Edible Gardens & Raised Beds – Apply 25 – 40lbs Andesite per 1000 sq. ft.  Work into top 1 – 2 inches of soil pre/post season or top dress around established plants.

Fruit Trees & Bushes – Top dress area between trunk and drip line of tree/bush crown at a rate of 1lb Andesite per inch of tree/bush trunk caliper.

Decorative Gardens, Lawns, Turfs & Sod – Apply 25 – 30lbs Andesite per 1000 sq. ft. to lawns and decorative garden beds.  If aerating, apply immediately after aeration or prior to laying new sod.

Houseplants – Top dress 1-2 teaspoons Andesite per 4 inches of pot width/diameter.  Gently work into top ½ - 1 inch of soil.

Topsoil Blending – Mix 30-40lbs  Andesite per cubic yard of soil.

Compost – Add 1-2 tablespoons Andesite per gallon of compost.

Compost Tea – Blend1-2 tablespoons Andesite with compost mixture prior to brewing per 5 gallon brew of compost tea.

Vermicomposting – Mix 1-2 tablespoons Andesite per gallon of bedding material and/or finished castings.

Aquaponics – Andesite can be combined with other growing media (soil-based or inert) in floating raft systems, ebb and drain systems and others.  Andesite will not harm fish or other aquatic life.

Hydroponics – Andesite can be combined with other growing media in a variety of hydroponic applications.

Grass-Fed Beef, Dairy and Other Livestock – Add 1/2 ton Andesite per acre of pasture.

Mineral Analysis

This analysis is referred to as a "Typical Analysis" (similar to an average analysis) and it is not

a "Guaranteed Analysis" from a regulatory standpoint. KBS Magma UVP® is a natural mined

product is offered for those who wish to know generally what elements are commonly found

in KBS Magma UVP® utilizing sophisticated scientific analytical methods of June 2016.

 Results are in micrograms per gram (ppm)

 Aluminum 77800 Cerium 11.9 Uranium 0.4

*Available Aluminum Cesium 1.09 Vanadium 319

 Less Than 3 Dysprosium 5.04 Tungsten 1

 Barium 448 Erbium 3.08 Yttrium 28.5

 Calcium 64823 Europium 1.13 Ytterbium 3.12

 Carbon 5900 Gadolinium 4.25 Zirconium 74

 Chromium 68 Gallium 18.2 Arsenic 3.2

 Iron 76591 Hafnium 2.3 Mercury Hg 0.006

 Magnesium 23639 Holmium 1.1 Antimony 0.27

 Manganese 1626 Lanthanum 4.5 Selenium 0.9

 Phosphorus 873 Lutetium 0.47 Tellurium 0.03

 Potassium 4649 Niobium 1.40 Silver <.5

 Silicon 246758 Neodymium 9.90 Cadmium <.5

 Strontium 254 Praseodymium 1.92 Cobalt 24

 Sodium 21736 Rubidium 9.50 Copper 152

 Sulfur 100 Samarium 3.28 Lithium 10

 Titanium 6892 Tin 1.00 Molybdenum 1

 Arsenic 3.2 Tantalum 0.10 Nickel 7

 Beryllium 0.2 Terbium 0.78 Lead 4

 Bismuth 0.03 Thorium 0.52 Scandium 33

 Boron 0.7 Thallium <.5 Zinc 89

Thulium 0.48

Product performance is affected by many factors, including storage and conditions of application

and use. User testing is ESSENTIAL to determine suitability of product for intended method of

application and use.