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Rice Hulls - 10 lb


Add Rice Hulls to Peat Mix:

One of the alternatives that the commercial potting industry has been experimenting with is rice hulls. They are a renewable resource and are produced with rice crops on an ongoing basis.

For anyone who has found a rice hull floating to the surface when cooking rice, you know that they are light and airy, and they even hold a bit of water.

What some folks are doing is supplementing their peat mix with a helping of rice hulls. Doing this lowers the amount of peat being used. And in some cases, rice hulls are completely supplanting the use of peat, perlite, and vermiculite (two other potting soil components made from expanded rock), such as in seed starting mixes.

That’s all it is—just unadulterated rice hulls. They can be used as a soil aeration amendment in your own homemade compost to replace perlite and vermiculite, and also as a straight-up media for seed starting and such.

Another great idea is to add Pure Rice Hulls straight into your garden soil. This will help loosen and lighten garden soils, allowing plant roots to have a bit more elbow room as they stretch out and grow. Pure Rice Hulls come in 2 cubic foot bags. Give them a try and let me know how it turns out.


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