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Blood Meal



What is Blood Meal?  

Replace blood meal with organic/GMO-free soybean meal:

Blood meal is pretty much as the name says. It is dried animal blood, typically cow blood, but it can also be the blood of any animal that goes through meat packing plants. The blood is collected after the animals are killed and then dried to make a powder.

What is Blood Meal Used For? Blood meal is a nitrogen amendment that you can add to your garden. Adding blood meal to garden soil will help raise the level of nitrogen and will help plants to grow more lush and green. The nitrogen in blood meal can also help raise the acid level of your soil, which is beneficial to some kinds of plants that prefer soils with low pH (acidic soil).

Be careful to closely follow the instructions on how to apply the blood meal that you have purchased, as it is a very concentrated form of nitrogen. Too much nitrogen in the soil can, at best, keep the plants from flowering or fruiting, and at worst, burn the plants and possibly kill them

Read more at Gardening Know How: Using Blood Meal To Improve Your Garden Soil garden-how-to/soil-fertilizers/blood-meal

Blood Meal

Blood Meal provides nitrogen along with plenty of vitamins and trace minerals.

It will also help keep pests and other unwanted animals away from your garden. Blend into your bagged or native soil to enhance or use it as a top dressing during the growing cycle.

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