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The team at KBS have been growing organically for decades. Let us take our wealth of knowledge and put it to good use in your garden. Ryan is the Owner & V.P of Operations at Kootenay Biological Soils. Ryan has been growing organically for most of his life. An avid gardener and plant hoarder, Ryan has a passion for creating the best biologically diverse soils on the market. He is always sourcing local organic products, and looking at new products to take our recipes and amendments to the next level.

KBS has been helping medical growers grow strong, healthy crops for several years.

KBS has designed 2 cannabis flowering mixes for the lineup, so that you can select the right mix for whatever you are growing.

The concept of this concentrated cannabis soil is to not have to worry about mixing up nutrients after the soil is made. The concentrate is placed in the bottom ½ of the container and a top layer is added using the KBS base soil. This allows the plants to grow into the strongly concentrated soil and in the right size container, you don’t need anything else but to water throughout the full flowering cycle.

This method is used by our medical grower clients in many locations, with amazing results. The feedback we receive is positive and even novice growers are producing buds like seasoned experts.


KBS Mild mix is a all in one, nutrient rich soilless medium. You can plant Cannabis, Vegetables or Flowers!

Novice or advanced growers can use the KBS mild soil. You start with decent size clones. You can flip into flower right away, in a small pot or veg for 1-2 months then flip into flower. You can do this in pots indoors or in the ground for the summer. By adding KBS top dress, dry Boogie Boost, as a top dress or a brewed soil drench, you can turn all your grows into no-till style growing, all the way to harvest. This mix is good for auto-flower plants also, as they only need a small pot of nutrients to finish.

Finished pot instructions: Mild & Hot: Place fully established plants on base soil that is layered 1 inch on top of the concentrated soil. As the plants grow, they slowly push their roots into the KBS soil, drawing up all nutrients needed for a full cycle. The KBS Soil can be used also to top dress, for the plants that take longer to mature.

Ingredients - KBS Mild Mix:

  • HP Pro with added Mycorrhizae
  • Bone Meal - phosphorus source
  • Organic/ gmo free soy bean meal - nitrogen source
  • Epsom salts - magnesium source
  • Dolomite lime -calcium source & pH buffering
  • Trace elements- minerals
  • Kelp meal
  • Pure worm castings
  • Yeast
  • Frass
  • Rice hulls


Our hot mix is designed for heavy feeding plants and growers with a knowledge of the plant variety they have chosen. Follow our recommendations when growing with our Hot mixes. Flowers from our soils finish with a fade and a smoother terpene-rich flavor. The plants express all kinds of colors when done. Purple, red, orange and even black. The resin content is heavy and the terpenes always seem to be more pungent.

With strains requiring slightly higher levels of nutrients, we go as strong as ¾ of the container with the Mild soil mix, but this is only with a small percentage of strains. Do not put seeds, seedlings or young clones directly in this mix. 1 month old clones are established enough (1 gallon pot size) Plant into a 10 gallon to 20 gallon pot half full-3/4full of KBS Hot mix, will be great for 2-4 weeks of vegetative and up to 10 weeks of flower with no food, just chlorine free water when needed.

You can grow with KBS Hot without adding teas or bottled nutrients! Always use Chlorine & Chloramine free water. Boogie Blue Filters can help you keep your microbes alive.

No need to PH PPM EC test, living soils do not need testing!

For a boost in terpenes use our Boogie Brix to finish your flowers with a high carb sugar punch for the microbes. This in turn, boosts the Brix levels, Terpene levels, it also tightens up all flowers/ buds.

At KBS we have built a custom product line, to complete all your growing needs from Seed to Harvest! This also sets us up with a schedule for the patients, so we can ship to them every few months to make sure they stay on budget, and on a fresh product going into their gardens to produce the finest medicine you can ingest.

The KBS products are all made with Certified Organic/ Natural amendments to build our custom formulas.

For Sativa dominant strains, email:

The KBS Sativa mix is needed so that light feeder cultivars are supplied the correct amount of nutrients, for up to 16 weeks of flowering, just by adding water.

Ingredients - KBS Hot Mix:

  • HP Pro with added Mycorrhizae
  • Rice hulls
  • Soybean meal
  • Alfalfa meal
  • Bone meal
  • Dolomite lime
  • Epsom Salt
  • Rock phosphate
  • Azomite
  • Glacial rock dust
  • Basalt rock dust
  • Granular humic acid
  • Kelp meal
  • Yeast flakes
  • Insect frass
  • Fossilized kelp


Veg 6-3-3.5

Our KBS Veg food is a premium blend of dry amendments, microbes, biochar, and mycorrhiza. Building on our commitment to utilizing turn of the century farming methods and Native American agriculture, this fertilizer blend contains the best quality ingredients to supercharge your garden and give your plants a large head start. We highly recommend using this product in and with microbial compost teas each week. Take pride in your soil with KBS Veg food.

Ingredients - Veg Top Dress:

Derived from:

  • Feather meal
  • bat guano
  • Fish meal
  • Seabird guanos
  • Oyster shell
  • Alfalfa meal
  • Volcanic ash
  • Blood meal
  • Crab meal
  • Rock phosphate
  • Fish bone meal
  • Glacial rock dust
  • Sulfate of potash
  • Langbeinite
  • Kelp meal
  • Soil amending ingredients: wood biochar

Other superb soil amendments for growing cannabis

GRD (Glacial Rock Dust) is rock dust that is the result of weathering of rocks that has accrued in glacial formation; then as the glaciers recede they leave behind a glacial moraine. These glacial moraines are then mined, and the product is sold as GRD. Glacial Rock Dust does not have quite as many rare elements as Azomite®, but it contains much lower aluminum, lead, and arsenic levels. It’s worth considering that Cannabis accumulates metals found in the soil, so if growing marijuana, GRD will contribute less impurities to the end product. The magnesium levels found in GRD is perfect for recycling soil, and contributing a slow but balanced level of magnesium.

Basalt Rock Dust is made from igneous rock which means it hasn’t been processed or had any of nutrients leached, and consequently it has most of the rare elements found in Azomite®, while having incredibly low levels of the elements that are more toxic (lead, arsenic, etc.). Basalt has quite a high amount of silica, and weathers much quicker than any other rock dust, so it becomes available quicker. It’s also a good slow source of phosphorus and potassium, and will balance the pH of the soil. It provide some of the lowest sodium levels of any rock dust, and is found in great amounts. Glacial Rock Dust and Basalt together provide all the elements needed for mineralization of a cannabis garden.


Trim Tray

The Heavy Harvest Trim Tray is designed as a “feather-lite” laptop trimming surface that will separate your pollen while trimming. It features a comfortable non-slip base, 150-micron stainless steel screen, magnifying card scoop (for the pollen), and two accessory screens: a 100 micron & 200 microns (sold separately).

  • Comfortable laptop trimming surface
  • 1/3 the weight of the Trim Bin
  • 16% more screen surface
  • 7.125 inches² more cutting surface
  • Non-Slip Non-Stick Base Pad
  • Replaceable screens (available in 100 / 150 / 200 micron)
  • Sift pollen off manicured flowers
  • Lightweight compact design

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