Boogie Brew Canada Organic Soil

Harvesting Devices

Boogie Brew Canada carries a variety of items to help gardeners!

Heavy Harvest Trim Tray

The Trim Tray is designed as a “feather-lite” laptop trimming surface that will separate your pollen while trimming. It features a comfortable non-slip base, 150-micron stainless steel screen, magnifying card scoop (for the pollen), and two accessory screens: a 100 micron & 200 microns (sold separately).

  • Comfortable laptop trimming surface
  • 1/3 the weight of the Trim Bin
  • 16% more screen surface
  • 7.125 inches² more cutting surface
  • Non-Slip Non-Stick Base Pad
  • Replaceable screens (available in 100 / 150 / 200 micron)
  • Sift pollen off manicured flowers
  • Lightweight compact design



Teaming With Microbes