Grow healthy, nutrient-rich plants

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For each 1 yard of old soil, till in 10 lb’s of Veg and 5 lb’s of Earthshine.  Mix everything together then water it thoroughly.  After 3 days, crops can be transplanted into the freshly amended soil.  For best results, transplant using Granular Mycorrhizae. 

For each 15 gallon pot, use two cups of Veg and one cup Earthshine.  Mix in thoroughly and add water to irrigate. 

Each individual ingredient is either sourced organically or produced organically in accordance with NOP guidelines for organic products. We are currently in the review process for issuing CDFA Organic Certifications on all our products in 2018.

Yes, all our products have a water savings component built into them. The biochar blend specifically holds water very well and feeds it to the plant as needed. Additionally, Mycorrhizae help the soil retain water, which it gives to the plant. 

Both are great options, and it depends on if you are already planted or if you have bare soil. If you mix it into your soil, you can save time by having less frequent application dates. The plant will just need water and compost tea. 

For a 1 gallon plant, top dress 1 tablespoon of Veg Food or Bloom Food per week. 

For a 200 gallon pot, it will vary depending on the size and life cycle of the plant. However, between 1 and 3 cups will be sufficient depending on your garden and environment.

KBS doesn’t pH, but if you do, the average pH of our fertilizers is between 6.6 and 6.8.

Yes, because chlorine and chloramines can harm or impede the growth of the biology in our products.  

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