KBS Kanna Kit 1
Kootenay Biological Soils Ltd

KBS Kanna Kit 1

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The KBS Kanna Kit 1 Includes:

• 3 lbs of Boogie Brew Dry Compost Tea, (enough to brew 50 gallons of full-strength tea)
• 45-liter air pump, air stone, tubbing, Boogie Basic inline hose mount Water Filter(10k Gal).


• 4oz Granular Mycorrhizae
• 1lb Veg & 1lb Bloom Dry Top Dress
• 8oz Boogie Brix too! 


Chlorine-free water is essential for brewing the most biologically active compost tea but also for watering your garden to protect the Microorganisms that live in your soil.

Boogie Blue Chlorine Filters, are available in your choice of BASIC & PLUS+ models, are available with the Boogie Pro Brew Kit or sold individually