Coco Disc - Large - 20 pkg
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Coco Disc - Large - 20 pkg

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Small Coco Disc - 37 cm or 14.5"
Package of 20 Discs

To cover the soil to prevent algae blooms, weeds and will slow the soil from drying out.  

  • air can penetrate, allowing the roots to breathe
  • will not attract or trap heat like plastic discs
  • all natural - no chemicals!
  • natural latex as binding material
  • biodegradable!
  • expensive hand weeding is eliminated
  • the use of herbicides, with their possible side effects, is history
  • water and liquid fertilizer will easily penetrate the discs, dry powders you will need to lift the disc up and apply
  • significantly less watering since evaporation is reduced
  • attractive and clean looking
  • thick and heavy enough to stay in place in the pot - won't blow off