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We are an established British Columbia based business selling a wide variety of soil enhancement products across Canada, helping everyone from commercial-scale farmers to hobby-level gardeners. We invite you to check out our Online Store by visiting our category pages:


Kootenay Biological Soils (KBS) is pleased to be the sole distributor across Canada for Boogie Brew© products, under our sister company Boogie Brew Canada. Boogie Brew is a well-established U.S. manufacturer of soil enhancing products which help create phenomenal growth rates while saving the farmer on fertilizer costs and water usage.

How does it work?
Nutrients are broken down faster and made more bio-available. Salts and heavy metals found in soil and water supplies become far less hazardous to plants when the enzymes produced by Boogie Brew’s biological army of organisms work to soften their impact and reduce toxicity. Used regularly, products such as the Heavy Harvest Boogie Brew Tea helps plants to achieve their fullest flavor and aroma potential. Prepare to witness explosive growth, shiny leaf structure, strong root development and awesome flower quality.

Boogie Brew Canada now offers highly-valued individual Boogie Brew ingredients to anyone in Canada.

  • For the beginner, or for those who are new to compost tea, we have Compost Tea Brewing Kits that have everything you need to brew our popular tea.
  • Are you are a resourceful farmer who has already sourced or even produced a superb base? You can now boost it with our products as you see fit, such as our stand-alone tea-fortifying product, BOOGIE-BOOST©.

Click here to view our featured products, which include both BOOGIE BREW© products and a variety of other favourites available from Kootenay Biological Soils (KBS)!

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